Cinnte Review Self Evaluation

This Zoom webinar, hosted by the President Professor Veronica Campbell and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Teaching and Learning, Dr Derek O’Byrne, is an opportunity for all staff to learn about the Cinnte Review process and to offer suggestions for inclusion or improvement.

The CINNTE review cycle for higher education was launched in September 2017 and Technological Universities must be reviewed under this cycle. Each review is carried out by an independent team of international experts and for SETU the expert panel visit will take place in October 2024.

The Cinnte review opens a window to the wider world, to see in a very transparent way the manner in which quality assurance is supported and enhanced in our University and confirms the confidence vested in us by all of our stakeholders.

The University’s Self Evaluation Report captures the growth of the University from inception and the development of our ambitions in our Strategic Plan, while highlighting the structures and approaches taken to realise those ambitions.

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13 Jun 2024


10:00 - 11:00


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